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Try your hearing aids


Come and try the latest technology to improve your hearing. You have up to 30 days to see the difference.

When you try a hearing aid for the first time, a whole host of sensations come back to you.

Hear the waves of the sea crashing against the rocks, the song of birds, the words of your family and friends without difficulty. At Centro Auditivo Costa Blanca we want to help you recover your normal hearing.

Contact the centre for a free hearing test. During the test you will not feel any pain and you will be accompanied by our audiologist to guide you through the whole process.

At the end, we will check the data to find out your degree of hearing loss and if you need it, you can try your hearing aids free of charge for up to 30 days. WITHOUT OBLIGATION.

Six steps for good hearing

If you think you may have hearing problems and need to come to the centre for a hearing test, follow these steps so that we can detect your problems in the most appropriate way.

Come to the centre

Here you can meet Ernesto, the audiologist at Centro Auditivo Costa Blanca.

Complete audiometry

To find out the degree and type of hearing loss. Here I will also explain the results of the test.


Explanation of how the patient perceives his/her hearing and any hearing problems if he/she is aware of them.


Recommendation and explanation of the necessary hearing solution if necessary.


Visual recognition of the ear canal.

Test your hearing aids

Once you have completed the whole process to determine the state of your hearing health, you will receive your of hearing aids

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As happens in many fields of health, until we begin to notice loss or discomfort, we do not give it any importance. The OMS warns that by the year 2050 one in four people will have hearing-related problems.

For this and many other reasons, at Centro Auditivo Costa Blanca we encourage you to follow the best possible hearing health practices and when in doubt, go to your specialist for advice.

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“If you think you may need an appointment just fill out the form, I will be happy to assist you.”

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